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Email Page Referral

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eMail-IT allows you to quickly add the ability for your current visitors to email your site to their friends with a professional modern style. This is best way to spread the word about your site and to find out what people are saying about you! eMail-It is best used on pages with news or blogs modules (like Novus) to send friends a direct link to any specific content on your site.

New Features:

  • Mobile Ready: New Responsive Design
  • Supports Google ReCaptcha
  • You now have the ability to add multiple recipients
  • New User Experience Design Features: New improvements to eMail-It make it easier for your users to use
  • Each module instance can have it's own SMTP Settings (or you can default to the current Host SMTP Setting). Now you can allow each portal to have it's very own Email IT module using their own SMTP settings instead of having to use the Host SMTP Settings!
  • TOKENS: You can now use tokens to add dynamic content to the email subject and body. Includes user information as well as custom user profile values.


  • Referral Tracking: Tracks all referrals and allows you to download the referral log in XML format. Data captured includes Email Address, Name, Message, Date Sent and the exact URL referred. Now you can track all of your referrals and know what content on your site is popular!
  • Email Masking: Emails sent from Email-It appear to come from the person who is referring your site. Works without the need for SMTP Relays.
  • Allows your visitors to enter custom messages to entice them into visiting your site
  • Templated: Now includes the ability to change the HTML added to the top and bottom of the emails
  • Sends the current page URL for quick reference to the exact content.
  • Source Code Available
  • License includes unlimited portal installs, per server
  • Ability to change the Email-It image
  • CAPTCHA Enabled

  • DNN 6.0 or newer
  • .Net 3.5 or newer
 Purchase includes older versions of the product that support DNN 4.9 and newer.
Supported on the following versions of DNN
  • DNN 6.x
  • DNN 7.x
  • DNN 8.x
  • DNN 9.X