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Novus News Publishing DotNetNuke Module
Novus is a news publishing module for DotNetNuke that was created to fill a need no other module provides. With Novus you can easily publish many articles to your web site that can be searched and browsed from one page. It also lets you publish RSS Feeds in and out of your site, display messages across multiple portals, organize your articles into multi-level categories with images, automatic email notifications of new articles and so much more. You could even use Novus as a repository providing file downloads to specific roles while also allowing people to rate, comment and subscribe to your postings.

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What's included with Novus?

  • Novus Core News Publishing Module: This is the core of Novus where you can manage all news and social interaction.
  • Novus RSS Scheduler: This is a DotNetNuke Scheduler that will monitor RSS Feeds for new articles and will publish articles as indicated in your settings to categories and email.
  • Novus Skin Object: A DotNetNuke Skin Object that will display the most recent news articles as scrolling text anywhere in your skin.
  • Novus Scrolling Text Module: A DotNetNuke Module that will display the most recent news articles as scrolling text. This is the same as the Skin Object and provides filter and scrolling text configurations from the module settings menu option.

New Features in 4.0

  • Updated for DotNetNuke 7.0: Improved to support DotNetNuke 7.0. Also includdes support for DotNetNuke 5. to 7.x.
  • New My Subscription Manager: New easy way for your users to subscribe to multiple categories of your news articles.
  • Ticker Templates: The Novus News Feed Ticker module is now templated.
  • Articles Per Page: You can now define the number of articles to display per page listing.
  • Simple Edit Options: You can now use a simple Textbox for the Article Summary, not require keywords for articles, subscribe to news from an article detail page and more!

New Features in 3.5

  • Improved UI: New UI changes make it easier to use Novus looks better on your web site with interactive content. Better display of your news out of the box!
  • New Content Tokens: New content tokens added giving you the ability to display more information in different ways. Some of the new tokens include format options that let you control the number of characters to display in a summary and the date formats.
  • New Utility Control Panel: New Control Panel gives you control over all of your data in Novus by allowing you to quickly archive or remove data with many more new features to be added.
  • Disable RSS: You can now disable the RSS features of Novus.

New Features in 3.2

  • New Voting options and user interface features added making Novus not only a great module for news, but for voting as well. See it in action on

New Features in 2.5

  • Browser title bar text is now set to match the Article title when viewing an article in Novus
  • New optional Category Listing displays categories at the top of the module as quick links
  • New Category Processing gives you better control over category hierarchy
  • New option to display articles created by individual module instances only. Use this to override global article publishing across all portals for specific instances of Novus!
  • New option to hide pagination in the article listing and display just the latest articles
  • DotNetNuke Super Users (Host Accounts) are now the only people allowed to instantly publish articles to all portals

New Features in 2.0

  • New Module added to Novus that allows you to display recent news articles with scrolling text and PopUp Windows. This is the same as the Novus Skin Object implemented as a DotNetNuke Module.
  • Email Subscription Manager added to the core Novus Module.
  • Categories can now be created as an external link that opens in a new browser window when clicked.
  • Option added to hide the Category Tree
  • Option added to set new imported RSS articles in pending approval status to prevent them from going live as soon as they are received.
  • Option added to disable article ratings
  • Option added to disable article comments
  • You can now control what category is visible from a link
  • Option added to set the default visible category

Novus Key Features


  • (Outgoing RSS) Feeds provided for all articles or by category
  • (Incoming RSS) Import news articles from any RSS Feed. All articles are published as soon as you add the RSS Feed and any new articles published to the RSS Feed will automatically get published to Novus along with email notifications to any users who have subscribed to the category the RSS Feed was setup for.

Article Submission

  • Post an article to any portal without having to install or add or configure a module on the other portals. This is done using the Novus Skin Object you can add to your skins. This makes it really easy to publish your news across all portals and administrators can also use it to post messages to the portal administrators.
  • Post an article to any role on any portal
  • Editing approved articles places them back into the pending approval queue (if approval is required)
  • Attach Files to any article (optionally disable this feature and many others)
  • Premium Listings - Marking an article as premium will always display that article first
  • All Articles can be automatically archived on a date you specify

Community Features

  • Automatic email notifications of new press releases posted to specific categories of your choice
  • People can rate the articles
  • People can submit comments to the articles (with automatic email notification to anyone who subscribed to the category with your comments)
  • Optionally allow anonymous users to vote, rate and comment on articles
  • Search Articles
  • Aggregated Article Listing
  • Novus Skin Object (with seven parameters) displays news with scrolling text and text ticker, pauses on mouse over and clicking the article link displays a pop-up window with the article contents.

Category Management

  • Unlimited multi-level categories
  • Category Images
  • Category Descriptions displayed as tool-tips in the category tree

General Setup

  • Optionally encrypt query string parameters for added security
  • Ability to retract approved articles
  • Secured rights to delete article comments
  • 35 Tokens you can use in your templates to display article content, images, links, metrics, etc.
  • Secure by role or by specific users who can create, edit, publish and delete articles.
  • 100% Visual Control using Templates for Article Listings, Article Viewing, Article Comments and all Email Types (new article, approved article, comment added, etc).

Screen Shot of Novus In Action

Novus News PopUp Window Main View with Recent Comments
News Ticker Options Sample Novus Options New Quick Vote Feature

  • DNN 6.0 or newer
  • .Net 3.5 or newer
 Purchase includes older versions of the product that support DNN 4.9 and newer.
Supported on the following versions of DNN
  • DNN 6.x
  • DNN 7.x
  • DNN 8.x
  • DNN 9.X