OnyakTech LLC
Akron, Ohio 44306
United States

Our mission is to develop strong, flexible solutions that are fitted to the needs of our customers. We believe that constantly improving and fully supporting our software are critical to this mission.  

OnyakTech LLC has been providing a wide range of professional DNN Modules since the early releases of DNN 1.1. We have been there from the start and have grown with DotNetNuke as it has developed its reputation as the leading Open Source project in the world. 

Our products are Time Tested and Customer Approved DNN Modules for Projects Management, CRM, Live Chat, Support Help Desks, eCommerce, Personal Web Sites, Reporting, Email Marketing, Weather, Forms, Community Web Sites and much more! All bundled into one package providing you with access to free updates and new releases while your account is active. 

Established 2003

Email: Sales@OnyakTech.com  

Phone: Business Edge members will find phone support options in your Account Dashboard
Online:  Click Here for Online Support
Email: Support@OnyakTech.com 

What customers say about our products and service:

"Lots of companies say they support the applications they develop, but OnyakTech actually implements upgrades that address their customers' concerns. I recommend an annual subscription to OnyakTech to DNN developers."
...Melinda Keeney - Claridata Corp
"I could not even imagine not having a subscription to OnyakTech. By far the best and most useful module you can find. I cannot live without Sigma Pro (Project Manager, Issue Tracker, etc), Sigma Live (real-time online support chat module), and LinkNex. This is a must have for any serious DNN admin.".
..Robert J Collins DNNGuru.com
”For quality, flexibility, and project management you can’t beat SigmaPro, and amazingly the support even tops that”
...Kurt Charney, Landmark Graphics Corporation
”A great product (SigmaPro) at version 2, this new version makes this an indispensable tool for the DNN-enabled organization! The support is phenomenal. ”
…Shane Miller, Call Centers 24x7
"First of all I would like to commend you for the excellent product that you have created. I have been trying to piece together other products for the past 3 or 4 years, and spending hundreds of dollars, trying to obtain the features you have built into your library of modules. I'm still in shock over the features you provide for the price. "
..Tony Mac
"Thanks for your excellent setup, and follow-through with your modules and the business you run. It’s always a pleasure doing business with you and working with your modules. "
...Ryan Moor
"I am using your LinkNex, SimgaLIve, and the SigmaPro module package. Just wanted to let you know that the site would not have been possible without your products. Thanks and God Bless"
...Charles Hundemer 
”Very good suite of tools (SigmaPlus). The project management tools is very useful. They have excellent documentation and provide updates/fix. ”
…Dean Whipple
”All OnyakTech products are top notch, very well executed, excellent support. If you are a notch above a novice but not quite a developer, this suite (SigmaPlus) / subscription is an essential tool. The price for the complete subscription is a fraction of its' value. Money well invested. ”
…Joel Cosby 
"Your support and your modules just can't be beat and believe me after developing around 90 DNN sites I know the landscape pretty good and yours are top quality!!!"
...Beth Vest - Senior developer, DCDnet
"Thanks….your products are awesome!!! And your support is great."
...Steve Lieberman 
One last point to mention. When I mail Onyaktechs support team, they always respond within 24 hours. I have no allegiance to Onyaktech, other than as a normal customer."
...Mark Breen, Margin Business Solutions Ltd
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