Axon is a very powerful email processing module for DNN with a dynamic content generation and scheduled execution engine that no others have been able to match. It's much more than just a newsletter module. Easily send a one time sales email or automate all of your newsletters saving you time so that you can focus on other business tasks! Axon is also your List Server, Auto-Responder, PDF Document generator and much more. Find out for yourself by downloading a full featured evaluation version today!

Email Newsletters
SMS (Instant Messaging)
Email List Services and Auto-Responders
Automatic Bounce Detection & Non-Delivery Processing
Threaded CRM Emails (a.k.a Drip Email Marketing)
Automated Scheduled Reporting via Email
RSS to Email
Site to Email (pull any content from any site into your emails)
Full CSS Emails Supported with Skin CSS Import Function
DNN Integrated
Attach dynamic PDF files created with OnyakTech PDF Reports
Robust Dynamic Content Generator
Track Link Clicks, Attach Files, Reporting and more!

Campaign Charts

Detailed Campaing Tooltips

Live Run Report

POP3 Email Log

Easy Recipient Builder

Move & Copy Opt-Ins


Body Editor

POP3 & SMTP Testing

Add Notes to Mailings Campaign Menu  
Templates Axon includes templates you can use to get started quickly and also gives you the ability to create your own templates and share with others. Dynamic PDF & Attached Files Axon not only makes it easy to attach files to the emails you send but you can also have Axon include dynamically generated PDF files created using the OnyakTech PDF Reports module.
Auto-Link Tracking Axon can track when people click links in your emails and now it will automatically scan your email for links and convert them to trackable links before your email is sent. This is a big time saver! Drip Email Marketing (Threaded) With Threaded Campaigns, the focus is on each individual in the recipients list more so than the Newsletter Type. Instead of the entire recipient list receiving the same email (personalized or not), each person has their own location on a thread (a thread is a series of emails) that indicates what emails they have received, what they will receive next and when.
Auto-Response Emails With Axon you can create a campaign that will respond to emails sent to you. You can have Axon respond to all emails sent to you or only when specific key words exist in the Subject or Body of the email that was sent to you. List Server List campaign type allows you to setup a group of people who can collaborate via emails. Any email sent to the email address specified in a campaign will automatically be forwarded to everyone on the campaign's recipient list.
MHTML Optionally send emails in MHTML format. This combines external content into the email itself so that emails can be read offline and will help prevent your emails from being marked as SPAM. Web-2-Mail Turn any web page into email. Simply enter the web address to the page and Axon will convert it to email and send it to everyone in your campaign.
Mailing Lists Mailing lists are easy to maintain through the use of DNN Roles, Global Roles (Roles that exist in more than one portal), Custom Lists stored in your database, Opt-Ins and even a fixed list. Save/Load Campaigns Download entire email campaigns to a single file that can be used on another site or as a template for new campaigns. Swap with your friends and download additional campaigns from
Track Read Responses Axon contains a very robust read tracking system that uses modern techniques to bypass SPAM detection. Providing an extremely accurate read count tracking. Metrics Metrics are tracked and displayed on the Campaign Details screen. Total reads for the current run, total emails, total runs and more.
Opt-In Registration To handle Opt-Ins, Axon includes an additional module just for Opt-Ins. Registered or not, your visitors can easily subscribe to your email campaigns using AJAX enabled interfaces. Collecting the visitor's email address, first name, last name and the option to register the visitor to your site behind the scenes making this a very powerful and easy to use opt-in module. Complete Run History A complete history of every email run is stored and visible from the Runs tab on the Campaign Details screen. View the email content, date of the run and total number of emails published.
Easy Unsubscribe Visitors can opt-out of mailings using the Axon Opt-In module, or reply to your mailings with the word "unsubscribe" in the subject line. You even have the option to unregister the user from your site if they unsubscribe via email. Scheduling You can run your campaigns at any time or schedule them to run daily, weekly, monthly, once a year or on a specific date. With Axon, you no longer have to generate the TPS Report manually and you'll always get the memo. Setup your campaign once and you're done. Email content changes as your web site and/or database content changes.
Dynamic Personalized Email Generation One of the features that makes Axon stand out, is the ability to generate dynamic email content based on the recipient. By using information from a database, the recipient's profile or an RSS feed, you can provide custom email content automatically generated at the time of mailing. RSS & ATOM Support You don't need to be a developer to build dynamic content emails with Axon. Most modules and web sites provide RSS/ATOM Feeds. Just enter the Feed URL into your campaign and Axon will generate the content for you.
Ajax & Multi-threaded Support Ajax and multi-threaded support provide powerful processing without performance loss. Surveys Add Surveys directly into your emails. It's easy to setup and all responses are stored in your database.
Batch Processing Can't send more then 10,000 emails at a time? No problem. Just set the batch limit and Axon handles the rest by automatically generating batches for a run. Don't worry, restarting the server or the IIS Worker Process won't cause any loss of batch processing. Everything is stored in the database. Extend Axon
Axon contains additional methods specifically designed for use from external programs or modules. You can exert full control over Axon from within your own code.

New Features in 9.0:

  • New redesigned Opt-In module. New features, responsive mobile ready and easier to use.
  • New Improved Read Tracker​

New Features in 8.0:

  • New Charts added to the Campaign Charts View
  • Improved Campaign Detail view providing quicker access to help
  • New option added to execute SQL after each job or at the end of the batch
  • More enhancements to Improve Performance added
  • Enhanced Campaign List Status Indicators
  • Enhanced Run Now Window

New Features in 7.8:

  • Improved Read Tracker for current versions of DNN and Axon
  • New option to send yourself a detailed report after every campaign run
  • New function to clear an active run for a campaign from memory
  • New Opt In module option to send new subscribers a Welcome Email
  • New Campaign Option to automatically opt-in people to a campaign and register them if they send you an email
  • New Scheduler added to clean up Axon Log files
  • New tokens added to dynamically show the Time and Date in the email content

New Features in 7.5:

  • FASTER Email Blaster Engine: Axon 7.5 includes a new email campaign execution engine that provides quicker email processing and delivery.
  • New Improved Campaign List: New custom templated Campaign List (Shown Above) with more information about each campaign so that you can get real time status of your runs.
  • Improved Control Panel: The control panel in Axon has been updated with new options as well as a better user interface.
  • Verbose Logging: More information is now provided in the Campaign Logs to provide you with full details on how your dynamic content was processed and delivered to the campaign recipients.
  • Exclude Roles: Now you can add roles to exclude from your campaign recipients.
  • Opt-In New Registered Users set with Email as User Name: New option added to use the email address as the user name when user registration is enabled for new newsletter subscriber
  • Execute SQL before and After Campaign Execution: New options to execute SQL Statements before and after a campaign is executed
  • Clear Your Inbox: New option to delete emails after the POP3 Actions are completed on an Inbox. This new option is at the Campaign level.
  • Default Token Values: New option added to set the default value for a dynamic content token.
  • Share Tokens Across All Campaigns: Now you can use dynamic tokens in all campaigns
  • Converted to C#: The source code for Axon has been converted from VB.Net to C# and includes a new LINQ2SQL DBML. Use this with the LINQ Predicate Builder in the OnyakTech Framework for some really robust Axon processing.
  • Email to RSS: Enables you to stream the emails processed by the Axon POP3 Scheduler in an RSS Feed. This feature also includes the ability to automatically include content from any attached Text or Rich Text Documents in the RSS Feed. Use this feature with Novus to turn your Inbox into an automatic content provider. Just setup a new category in Novus that points to your Axon RSS Feed and within seconds people will be able to view, comment and rate your emails! You can turn this option off for personal accounts, but when you need to stream business email accounts to your web site this new feature makes it easy!
  • BCC Yourself: You can now have Axon send you a copy of all emails sent out. This is a great way to test the entire process and to make sure your automated yet...personalized emails are as you need them.
  • New POP3 performance design allows unlimited email processing results in quicker execution of POP3 services and consumers very little server resources
  • Fixed an issue with enabling execution of non-delivery reports in non-Medium Trust versions
  • New function added to the Ad-Hoc Recipient Builder that allows you to instantly add all users listed in the search results to your campaign.
  • When searching custom user profiles in the Ad-Hoc Recipient build, the profile value as well as the name is now used in the search results
  • New Campaign Type: Satellite campaign types are much like the Newsletter type except that the email body and subject are set from an email instead of directly in the Campaign itself. This means you can send newsletters with Axon just by sending an email to an address Axon is monitoring. You can control who can send these emails in the Campaign Authorized Roles setting.
  • Improved Performance for select campaign types providing you with quick execution of your campaigns
  • New options added for more filtering options on email addresses
  • New options for Auto-Response Campaign Types. Auto-Response Campaigns monitor your inbox for new emails and process them based on the options you set in the campaign. This new option allows Axon to register new users on your site from people that send you emails.
  • New support to start threaded campaigns (e-drip) by Opt-In
  • New option in the Axon Viewer module that lets you display the last newsletter of a specific campaign
  • You can now display the last newsletter of a specified campaign via Query String
  • New running metrics displayed on the master campaign list showing you total number of emails delivered and total number of campaign executions
  • New Opt-In mode "Critical Run" allows people to select campaigns to be executed. Use this to give select people the option to run a campaign on demand. Use this feature to notify a team via email or phone instant message about critical information, network issues, crime or as a simple way to run multiple campaigns with just one click.
  • SMS Instant Messages: You can now send news directly to your customers cell phones with any Axon Campaign!
  • ATOM Feeds: ATOM is the new RSS and Axon supports it! Adding ATOM feeds to your newsletters is just as easy as adding an RSS Feed and it's a great way to provide dynamic information based on ATOM feeds from your site or other web sites.
  • Upload, Copy or Move Large Recipient Lists: You can now upload, move and copy extremely large mailing lists without time-outs or loss of site performance.
  • Improved Recipient Builder: The Ad-Hoc Recipient Builder now includes the options to search both roles and custom user profile fields at the same time to give you additional search options. The Ad-Hoc builder also includes performance enhancements to speed up your searching.
  • Conditional Run Options: You can now specify a conditional run option by setting a SQL statement to be executed before your campaign is executed. If your SQL does not return values then your newsletters will not be sent. If values are returned then your campaign will be executed. This is a great way to add an additional check before running your campaign for those who need to make sure specific conditions are met. Example uses would be to check if there were any new registered users for the current day before you send out an automated email to welcome the new users to your site.
  • Custom User Profile Field Use in Campaigns: You can now have custom user profile fields inserted into your emails.
  • Improved Web2Mail: The Web2Mail option has been improved to provide you with better performance. The Web2Mail feature will convert any web page into email and send it to your recipients.
  • Active Job Report: A new report was added giving you full details on the current campaign's batched job progress. This allows you to send your newsletters in batches over a set period of time for those who need to reduce the load on your email servers or are limited by your email hosting provider to sending a set number of emails per hour. This report also allows you to cancel any pending or active jobs.
  • New Opt-In Module Feature: You can now allow unregistered users to unsubscribe from a newsletter directly using the Opt-In module. People can also use the email reply with "Unsubscribe" in the subject or click the link in the email to unsubscribe if you have enabled this feature in your campaign.
  • New Text Editor Options: A new option has been added to provide you with a standard text box to enter your email content into for those who have "trouble" HTML/Text editors that replace your HTML with what it "thinks" you want. Now you can enter raw content knowing it will be saved and rendered just the way you want it.
  • Improved Failed Delivery Report Processing: The handling of non-delivery reports and prevention of emailing to these addresses in future campaigns has been improved.
  • Countless other new features: Many new enhancements have been made to this version of Axon including a new scheduling panel for your campaigns to make it very easy for you to get the scheduling results you need. For full details about all the new features, please go to

Components Included in Axon:

  • Axon Core: This is the core module of Axon that includes most of the functionality.
  • Axon Opt-In: Easily allow your visitors to subscribe/unsubscribe from your email campaigns. Optionally register the user if they are not already registered and collect email address, first name and last name for use in personalized content generation of your emails.
  • Axon Viewer: Provide your visitors with an easy to use, Ajax enabled archive viewer of past mailings. This is a great way to gain more subscribers and increase your search engine rankings.
  • OnyakTech PDF Reports: Easily build dynamic PDF Reports with Rich Text, Data Grids, Images, Charts and more. Attach these PDF Reports to your Axon Campaigns!