OnyakTech Forms

Collect Signatures
New: Signature control allows people to sign your form!
Google Maps Integration
New: Display Google Maps on your Forms!
Data Viewer Integration
New: Integrates with Data Viewer DNN module
AppBuilder Integration
New: Integrates with AppBuilder!
Collapsible Regions
Organize Long Forms with Collapsible Controls and PopUps
Create Dashboards
Samples Included
Samples Included
Email Support
Robust Email Support
100% Free Form Design
100% Free Form Design
Mobile Support
Mobile Enabled
SQL Enabled
SQL Enabled Controls
Form Validation
Advanced Form Validation
Form Validation
Trigger Axon Campaigns with Forms
Form Validation
Custom Support Desk with SigmaPro
Form Validation
Custom Message Broadcasting with QPoke
Form Validation
Merge Form Entries with PDF Form Templates

100% Free Form Design
Now Azure Compliant!

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Dynamic Forms with the Event Manager

Instantly change the contents and appearance of your Form as you interact with it using the new. What can you do? Change the content of a listbox to include items related to a value entered into another control. Hide or show entire sections of a Form. Add, multiply, divide and subtract Form values. Match values between different controls and more!
All events are executed instantly, no postback!
New Mobile Device Features make it easy to turn existing forms in your DotNetNuke web site into an instant mobile site. Just enable "Show Only Form" option and add the [MOBILEME] token to your form. Done!

Display your custom form in a slide-out!

Display your form in a popup!

100% Free-Form Creative Design

More Onyaktech Forms Features:

  • Recaptcha: Google ReCaptcha can now be used in your forms for the best security and prevention against the DNN Registration BOTS
  • Primary buttons on forms are now triggered if the user types the ENTER key within a Textbox control
  • Form Display option from Link has been redesigned for better performance and visual appearance
  • A Form Print button is now available to the PopUp display of Forms, when click it only prints the Form and not the entire page so that you can provide users with a clean option to print your form
  • Display styling improved for displaying the forms in a PopUp
  • New option added for User Registration Forms to disable the DNN default user registration emails when using the custom OnyakTech Form Emails
  • Environment Values are reloaded after user registrations in order to update the values with information from the new user account
  • File Manager: New features include support for unlimited file uploads, automatic zip file unpacking, File Manager to manage the files uploaded to your Forms and full integration with OnyakTech File Share for DNN.
  • Event Manager: Replaces the old "Event Tokens" that were complicated to use and required post-backs causing delays for your users with a new Ajax enabled events that instantly change the Form based on the values the user has entered. The Event Manager is easier, faster and you can do much more!
  • Accept Signatures with the new Signature control!
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Save form values into a cookie
  • SigmaPro Features Added: Display a list of Teams on your custom SigmaPro Forms. When selected, a member from the team is automatically assigned to the ticket.
  • Load Control Values from matching Cookie Names
  • Load Form Values based on previously saved Form Cookie
  • Display All Cookies in Debug Log
  • Display Options: Display your form in a PopUp or a Slide-Out! See images above
  • PDF Form Merge: Upload a PDF Form Template to be merged with form submission values to provide a professional PDF of the values entered into your forms. You can save the PDF to your Portal folder or have it downloaded to the user.
  • Axon Integration: You can now create a Form to trigger an Axon Campaign to send newsletters with content entered into your form.
  • SigmaPro Integration: You can now create your own custom Support user interface for SigmaPro by enabling SigmaPro Integration with OnyakTech Forms. Map your Form Controls with SigmaPro Task Fields and SigmaPro Custom Fields in the Forms Control Panel. Add the OnyakTech Data Viewer into the solution to provide a custom Support List view as well that opens the Support Ticket in OnyakTech Forms on the Data Viewer row click event.
  • QPoke Integration: Now you can create an OnyakTech Form that posts to QPoke for a custom message broadcasting user interface.
  • Delete and Updates to data is now supported. Just add the new tokens to indicate the table name, primary key and OnyakTech Forms will handle the rest for you.
  • New CATPCHA control that is supported on all versions of DotNetNuke
  • New Control Options Manager added with easy right-click access from active forms in the new Control Context Menu
  • You can now attach Java Script to controls through the Control Options Manager or have the OnyakTech Forms module generate the script for you
  • New Tool Tips feature added with a professional design. Easily added using the new Control Options Manager.
  • New input validation with regular expressions provides an better and easier way to set a controls validation expression with a professional display of error messages
  • New Required Field Validation options available through the Control Options Manager making it very easy to add required field validation
  • New Control Context Menu makes it easy to edit control properties from active forms while in Edit mode. Just right-click the control to access the additional control options.
  • New feature to automatically generate forms based on tables in your database
  • Requests to update specific records in a table and preload a form with default values is now supported with query query string parameters. Use this with the OnyakTech Data Viewer module to create a complete data list and form entry application for DotNetNuke without writing any code!
  • Calendar control now has its culture set to match DotNetNuke Site
  • New sample forms demonstrates how to use all of the new features including the ability to update and create data
  • New Collapsible Section Feature added making it easy to group large forms into smaller forms with collapsible sections so your users can focus on key areas
  • New Sample Controls form that use OnyakTech Forms own collapsible feature to group controls by function
  • New simple Submit control added for those times when you only want to execute the Form Post Actions set in the Display Options
  • New validation option to force one controls value to match another controls value. Great for password validation or to confirm an email address.
  • New option to send an additional email with a separate email template to users in specific roles after a Form post
  • Auto Profiling: Automatically sets control values named after custom user profile fields in DNN to the current users profile value and saves back to their profile on form submit. This is in addition to any post execution actions defined for the form.
  • The email sent by the form can now have the recipient email address set dynamically using query string values
  • Automatically displays messages in query string. This can be used to display information to the user in a professional way in the Forms module by passing messages in the Query String. An example use of this is when you direct people to the Forms module page from the Data Viewer page or if your form redirects people to a specific page after a submit for extra processing and then you redirect them back to the Form page and want to display additional details to the user from the processing page.
  • Fixed an issue with saving Forms in DNN 6.x and 7.x
  • Form Editor now loads with the currently active form displayed to make form editing easier and faster
  • New sample form that demonstrates how to set default values for controls
  • Default values are now cleaned of unwanted HTML that may be added by the DNN Text/HTML Editor
  • 19 Sample Forms: Includes 19 different forms to help you get going quickly!
  • Dynamic eMail To: Dynamically control who the form submission email is delivered based on the selection of a list control.
  • Dynamic Events: Dynamically load list controls from other list controls selected values. For example, selecting 'OHIO' from the State List Box on an OnyakTech Form can now dynamically load another list control based on that may show you a list of Registered Republican Voters.
  • Post to Custom Tables: New token for storing information to a specific table in your database instead of the default OnyakTech Forms tables. [TABLE-TABLENAMEHERE]
  • HTML 5 Support: New HTML 5 Controls added to make it easier to collect email, color, date, URL, week, time and more!
  • Mobile Device Support: Mobile Enabled Default Controls. This instantly converts your current OnyakTech Forms into Mobile Forms by adding the [MOBILEME] token to your form.
  • Mobile Device Controls: Mobile Controls Added: Header, Footer. e.g. [MBL:HEADER;Welcome to my home!], [MBL:FOOTER;Welcome to my home!]
  • Show Only Form: New option to hide everything on the page but the form. This is great for mobile sites or to show specific content for an entire page that is loaded from a Form (great for a DEMO or Portfolio).
  • Responsive: Automatically display a different form and show just the form if the user browser size is smaller than a fixed width. This is great for displaying a different form to mobile users and showing a custom mobile welcome message with a link to a mobile specific version of your site.
  • User Profile Collection: You can now store user profile information into the Database and in the CSV Export with form submissions
  • Dynamic Email Content: User Tokens can now be used with outgoing Email Subject and Body Templates
  • Data Viewer Integration: New option to hide messages about unfilled tokens so that you can use the Forms module on the same page as the Data Viewer to create a Search Form that displays results in the Data Viewer module
  • Scrolling Image Support Added - Includes Sample Form
  • Added support for List controls to be populated from SQL
  • File Upload Control added with ability to handle unlimited file upload controls
  • Attach uploaded files as attachments to outoing form emails
  • Email uploaded files in a single zip file
  • Emails appear to be sent by the user submitting the form and all email replies are also sent to the user as wellNew Listbox Multiple Selection Mode added. Sample Form included shows how to use this new feature.
  • Improved UI changes to prevent invalid table and columns names when saving forms values to the database
  • Email Template: Now you can design the look of the email content with a Text/HTML Editor
  • Automatic Email Template Generator: Instantly creates an email template based on the current active form.
  • User Registration: You can now easily create custom user registration forms. Sample included.
  • RSS Feeds: Easily add RSS Feeds to your custom forms. Sample included with install.
  • Updated Forms Sample now includes a Multi-Line Text Box Sample.
  • New option to post form values to a web page. Combine with the OnyakTech Data Viewer to create instant search forms!
  • New Email Options added to give you full control over where to send emails from and to.
More Features
  • Create your own forms with any HTML Editor (Dreamweaver, Web Expression, Visual Studio, etc)
  • Easily design, select and place a form into use!
  • Sample forms included with purchase
  • Each portal can have their own version of each form
  • Forms can be designed outside of DotNetNuke or any other proprietary tool. It's just HTML!
  • Create, copy or delete forms with the OnyakTech Forms Editor
  • Store all form entries into a CSV file that can be opened with Microsoft Excel or any other application that supports CSV file types
  • New Debug mode lets you view behind the form details
  • Redirect people to any web page after form submission
  • Display a custom message to people after a form submission
  • Controls Types: Textbox, Listbox, Radio Button List, Listbox, submit link, submit to email link and dropdown box.