What is Cyon?

Cyon organizes your projects into boards and in one glance you can see what's being worked on, who's working on what, and where something is in a process. Projects include task boards, charts, notes, diagrams, files, teams, custom status codes and more. You can also make your projects visible to people that are not directly assigned to the project with read-only access, making it easy to share the progress of a project without giving everyone edit access.

Screen Shots

Main features

  • Teams

    Create teams to assign groups of users to multiple projects quickly. You can also add users to projects by Role or individually.

  • Projects

    Projects contain your boards, cards, tasks, notes, files and more. You can even link to other projects from cards to create dependecies between projects.

  • Boards

    Use boards to organize areas of interest like major sections of a project or phases (design, development and complete). Each board contains cards that organize your tasks and assignments.

  • Cards

    Use cards to group related tasks, assign multiple team members, add comments and files. Cards can be moved between boards easily by dragging and dropping them onto other boards.

  • Tasks

    Create one or more tasks per card that is assigned to one or more team members. Easily move groups of tasks by dragging and dropping the associated cart to new boards.

  • Notes

    Add new notes to individual cards or directly to the projects Notes area. Use the Notes view for a complete list of all notes created in your projects.

  • Files

    Files can be added to boards, cards or to the main project. All files added to the project is available through the Files view.

  • Charts

    Project charts give you an instant overview of where your project is so that you can make decisions based on the current overall status of your project to make sure you succeed.

  • Diagrams

    Create, share and export diagrams easily all inside Cyon.