OnyakTech PopUp Pro DNN Module

The PopUp Pro module makes it easy to add marketing and user role specific content displayed in a pop-up to your DNN web site. PopUp Pro also provides the ability to use it as a way to force users to accept or deny your "Terms and Conditions".

Terms Mode (Require Users to Accept Your Message)
Fixed Position or Responsive Mobile Ready
 Country Filtered: Display to people in specific countries
 Role Filtered: Display to people in specific Roles
Redirect people to a specific URL if they Accept or Deny (Terms Mode Option)
Date Range: Only show PopUps during the specified date range
Display Limit: Only show PopUps a set number of times
 Page Load Delayed: Delay the display of your PopUp after the page loads 



Dynamic Module Display
A new feature in OnyakTech PopUps is the ability to display any ad that already exists on your site inside of the PopUps Window. You can even include query string parameters so that you can alter the data that is displayed through the module before it's actually displayed to your web site visitors. This is a great way to display dynamic content generated from any module and personalized to the current visitor. Included with this new feature is a module selection wizard that makes it easy to find and select the module you want to display in your PopUps Window.

Dynamic Content
New in OnyakTech PopUps is the ability to display PopUps with information from a hyperlink or specific to the current user. This is a great marketing feature that allows you to get personal with your web site visitors by displaying their information. For example, your ad may start something like "Hello John! Would you like to meet other people who live in Ohio?....". In that example, the visitors name and region will be taken from their user profile and displayed in your ad. You can even display custom profile property information from the current users profile.

Dynamic Hyperlink Control Display
By use of a few query string parameters, you can display specific PopUps and even custom content. This is a great way for you to specific PopUps from email marketing newsletters you sent out using Axon. Or during your link exchanges using LinkNex, you can provide different links to different sites so that you can deliver specific PopUps based on the web site they were referred by.

Secured Ad Content
You can now secure PopUps to a specific DNN Role allowing you to display information secured to a specific group of people. This is a great way to notify internal departments of information specific to them or provide special product sales PopUps to your most valued customers.


  • Terms Mode: Displays your content in a popup with your page disabled, forcing the user to click the "Accept" button in order to use your page.
  • Display any module that already exist on your site inside an Ad Window
  • Interact with a Modules content before it's displayed via Query Strings
  • Guaranteed Ad Delivery by using methods that won't be stopped by pop-up blockers
  • PopUp Size: Easily set the width, height and title of the PopUps pop-up window
  • Modal: Optionally disable the parent page to give primary focus to the ad until closed
  • Draggable PopUp Window: Your message can be dragged around the screen to allow your visitors to view your page content while still viewing the message/ad. This can be a great feature when using OnyakTech PopUps to display information that may assist the information on your web page allowing your visitors use the information in your ad as a guide.  Leave the "Disable Parent Page" option unchecked when using in this fashion.
  • Editable: You can fully edit PopUps after they have been submitted
  • Unlimited PopUps: Create as many advertisements as you want easily through the ad editor
  • Limit Displays: Each ad can optionally be limited to the number of times it displays.
  • Show Once Per User: Allows you to show the visitor just one ad per module instance. This is a great feature when you are using OnyakTech.PopUps to display notices to users but don't want the notice to display when the page is refreshed
  • Secure Ad Delivery by Role: You can secure PopUps to a specific DNN Role.
  • Dynamic Ad Content with User Profile Information:  Display PopUps with information from a hyperlink or specific to the current user. This is a great marketing feature that allows you to get personal with your web site visitors by displaying their information. You have full access to all DNN Profile Properties as well as all Custom Profile Properties.
  • Dynamic Ad Content Query String Parameters:  This is the same as dynamic content with user profile information except that the dynamic content is taken from the Query String instead of the current users profile information.