ReZults Survey and Quiz DNN Module

ReZults Dynamics is a DNN Module that will help you easily create quizzes, voting and surveys for your web site. But it's much more than just another quiz and survey module, it's completely dynamic - allowing quizzes to be different each time they are taken. You can even dynamically generate a Microsoft Word document with content based on the answers provided! Key features include the ability to display to each user a history of their exams, allow specific file downloads based on answers, dynamically change the next question based on the current question's answer, secure exams by security roles, templates for easy visual customizations, tickered announcements to congratulate people who have recently passed an exam and much more.

The "ReZults Dynamics" DNN Module is included in the OnyakTech Subscription packages that give you full access to ALL OnyakTech DNN Modules including new releases and free support for one year.

Dynamic Solutions: Dynamically generate questions, display file downloads, assign security access all based on the users answers to previous questions.

Easily Create & Edit: ReZults gives you the ability to easily create and edit surveys and quizzes.

Reports: Detailed reports with charts and metric downloads to XML format are all included with options to display survey results to all visitors and more.

Complete History: Optionally provide a complete history of every quiz and survey completed (or in progress) to visitors. You can also provide additional study information for each answer.

Secure: Easily secure quizzes and surveys by roles and control rights to create or edit surveys and quizzes by DNN Role or to specific users.

Time Limited: Optionally add timers to quizzes and questions to force people to complete questions within set period of time.

Import Questions: Easily import questions from CSV (Comma Separated Values) files. Sample files are included to help you get going quickly.

Document Generator: Dynamically generate documents based on test answers, allowing you to create custom document content based on test results.
Generate Certificates: ReZults can dynamically generate PDF Certificates with the users name and other custom information. You can also include your own images into the PDF or provide a custom PDF Template.

ReZults Dynamics Screen Shots (Click Images)

Choose from predefined display templates

Survey Results

ReZults Editor

Main View - Default Template

End of Exam Results

Quiz Review

Taking a quiz

New Features:

  • New options to display a single survey while also limiting users to a single session
  • New improved navigation and user score reports
  • New option added to display Quiz Question and Answers ad the end of a Quiz with correct choice
  • New email content token added to include the Quiz Question and Answers in the email sent at the end of a quiz
  • New option to hide the results of unanswered questions in Survey Results
  • Display All Questions on a Single Page or One Page Per Question
  • Easy Question Editor makes it easy to add simple questions FAST!
  • New Answer Sheet Download as PDF with optional Logo Image
  • New Administrator Dashboard in Reports to quickly show Summary or Individual Scores
  • New option to hide the correct answers during review
  • New feature to let people review their results question by question when complete
  • New Redirect based on Pass/Fail
  • New metrics displayed when viewing results for a Ballot as an Admin
  • New print function added to let you hide/display specific report printing features
  • Updated Questions Import Sample CSV to help you get started quickly
  • Import/Export Projects: You can download and upload projects that you have created on other sites with ReZults. This is a great way to share a Quiz, Survey or Opinion Poll!
  • HTTP Post Results: You can now have all completed submissions posted to a web site.
  • Certificates: You can now have a certificate generated if the visitor passes. All you need to do is supply an image of the certificate and set the location of where you want the first and last name to appear. That's it! ReZults uses the OnyakTech PDF Module to generate the certificate as a PDF for you.
  • User Rated Question Categories: You can now let people rate the categories of the questions in the quiz or survey and display their results at the end of the quiz or survey comparing their entries with the ratings they entered for each category. This is perfect for self performance analysis.
  • New Ballot mode allows you to easily add voting to your web site!
  • Easily add media ( videos, flash, audio, etc ) to your questions. Just enter the URL to the media and click!
  • Dynamically created Microsoft Word Documents can now be downloaded from the users list of completed surveys and quizzes.
  • New options added to allow you to email people when new surveys and quizzes have been completed. Email content can include optional details about the completed quiz/survey as well as an attached Microsoft Word Document.
  • Additional tokens, header and footer options have been added to the Document Content generator. You can also access an HTML formatted version of the document from SQL or other modules for reporting or advanced email options with Axon.
  • You can now add people to a security role in DNN after a completed survey and quiz.
  • Limit people to taking a quiz/survey just once.
  • Lock completed quizzes and surveys by preventing people from deleting or changing the data.
  • New Direct Access link is provided so that you can link directly to any survey or quiz from any web page or email.
  • New filter option provided that allows you to display only the surveys and quizzes created within the current module instance.
  • Questions can now contain HTML

Additional Key Features:

  • Survey Results: At the end of each survey, you can provide the user with results from all entries.
  • Timed Quiz: Timed questions that require a correct answer and that all questions be answered within a specified number of minutes.
  • Simple Quiz: Not timed and the user may leave and come back at a later date to complete the quiz at any time.
  • Document Generator & File Downloads: You can specify content that will be added to a Microsoft Word document at the end of the quiz for each answer - allowing you to dynamically generate documents based on the response of each question. You can also allow the user to download specific files that already exist based on the answers provided to each question.
  • Dynamic Quiz: Questions are added to the quiz as a result of the answers provided to previous questions during the quiz. This makes it possible for you to automatically create quizzes that are specific to the user taking them. You can also merge this feature with the Document Generator functions to provide a custom document based on the questions.
  • Personal History with Additional Resources: If a user is logged into to your web site while using this module, they will be able to review their results at any time in the future. This includes a detailed walk through of each quiz providing their answer, the correct answer and detailed explanation of the answer.
  • Includes Display Templates: Don't have time to create your own display templates? No problem, ReZults includes several templates to choose from giving you instant setup!
  • Automated Scoring: Each answer can have a negative or positive score value that is automatically totaled and displayed in the end exam report.
  • Score Range Definitions: Define score range definitions to be displayed in the end exam report. For example, if you are creating a quiz to test the type of "eater" a person is, a score from 0 to 50 may have an explanation of "Junk Eater", 50 to 80 may be "Meat and Potatoes" and 80 to 300 may have an explanation of "Healthy". The explanation is visible at the end of the quiz.
  • Easily Search, Filter and Sort Questions by Category
  • Tickered Text showing the last people to pass exams. You can filter to show completed exams for the current module or portal wide.
  • Ability to use different control types within a single question (Checkbox, Radio Button or Multi-Line Text Box)
  • Template Based: The main screen in the module is pure HTML Token Template based allowing the module to display a complex display (new tests/quiz, list of completed tests, results compared to others, etc) or simple (showing a specific survey and one question at a time).
  • End Exam Reports: Option to show user their results and/or results of others
  • Admin reports with charts and download to XML
  • Option to redirect after complete, or show thank you message or results
  • Display introduction messages (HTML) before each quiz & survey
  • Complete Quiz History can be displayed to users that completed quizzes and surveys while logged onto your web site
  • Easily edit any existing Quiz at any time
  • Secure Questionnaires by DNN Role
  • Add users to roles after passing a Quiz or completing a Survey
  • Display File Downloads based on specific answers to questions
  • Logic Based Generated: Questions shown are based on previous question answers
  • Ability to leave a Quiz or Survey and finish later
  • Option to show the answers to the user after the quiz is complete with details about the answer
  • Optional Time Limit to complete quiz
  • Optional Time Limit to answer each question
  • Quiz History saved for each user