SigmaPro is a DotNetNuke module for Projects, Service Centers, Help Desks and CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Includes Windows Mobile applications, Windows Applications, Vista Sidebar Gadgets, Web Services and more! You can get going fast with predefined templates or modify every aspect of the system in order to custom fit it to your organization's needs.

SigmaPro includes the following...
  • SigmaPro core DotNetNuke module. The heart of SigmaPro.
  • SigmaPro Help Desk DNN Module. A simple alternative to the core SigmaPro module, specific for Help Desks.
  • SigmaPro Windows Vista Gadgets. Giving you instant status of your projects and support.
  • SigmaPro Dashboard DNN Module. Display charts, project metrics, costs and more.
  • SigmaPro Web Service. Integrate your back-office systems into SigmaPro easily!
  • SigmaPro Everest. A Windows application allowing you to quickly manage your projects and support.
  • SigmaPro Windows Mobile. A Windows Mobile application allows you to manage your tasks from your phone.
  • SigmaPro Outlook Add-In. Import/Export tasks between Microsoft Outlook and SigmaPro.
  • SigmaPro Email Viewer/Monitor. Automatically converts emails to tasks in SigmaPro.

Additional OnyakTech Software that integrates with SigmaPro...

  • SigmaLive: Convert Live Chat sessions with your web site visitors to SigmaPro support tickets.
  • H2O: Contains a function that you can add to any custom form that will post the form results to SigmaPro. This gives you full control over the form people use to submit project, CRM or support tickets into SigmaPro.
  • Axon: A very powerful email management module for DNN, many people are using Axon to send weekly emails automatically that contain project and help desk metric information from SigmaPro.

Screen Shots of the changes in SigmaPro 8.0 to the new Task List

SigmaPro Everest 2009 Skins

SigmaPro Everest 2009 Screen Shots of New Features

Microsoft Outlook add-in for SigmaPro

New Key Features in SigmaPro
  • Improved Requester User Profile Look-Up Display
  • Improved User Interaction and Security Options Editor
  • New option to Disable the Create New function for All Users
  • New option to Disable Ticket Edit for all Users
  • New ability to update the service rating without having to submit a comment
  • New Option to display the New Ticket screen by default
  • New 2009 Task Grid with Skins, Grouping, Sorting and Filters
  • Improved behavior of custom task grid column display selection
  • New Color Code Task Row or Font Color based on Escalation, Completed Status and Standard.
  • New ability to select multiple tasks at one time to perform an action. (Mark Complete or Delete)
  • New Option to disable the "Create New Ticket" in the Help Desk module
  • New option to Allow Unencrypted Query String Parameters
  • New "Cancel" option added when editing KB articles
  • You can now prevent users from viewing specific data in the task grid
  • New option to allow Search of Custom Fields
  • Improved KB Search and Title Length
  • New option to show Company List in top menu
  • New paging to the Knowledge Base
  • Now stores files on server and limits file attachment types based on your DotNetNuke Host Settings
  • Improved Data Management
  • New Security Features prevent unauthorized access to tasks at multiple points allowing you to provide direct links to tasks in your Axon email reports or other modules without having to worry about security

New Key Features in SigmaPro Email Monitor

  • New option added to have the Email Monitor delete emails in your inbox after they have been processed
  • New option added to have the Email Monitor disengage when it finds an email previously processed
  • New DotNetNuke Scheduler added to clean out the email transaction logs

New Key Features in SigmaPro Web Service

  • New web methods added to the SigmaPro Web Service to aid user management
  • New web methods added to SigmaPro WS to obtain User Sales Orders

New Key Features in SigmaPro Everest (Windows Application for SigmaPro)

  • Create New Tasks, add comments with hours, manage time tracking, work with personal folders, and improved user interface with multiple skins included
  • You can now register new users and search existing users
  • While posting a comment to a task, you can now also have that comment sent to the requester's mobile phone as an instant message

Quick Start Screen
When you first add SigmaPro to a page, the Quick Start screen appears providing information on quickly setting up SigmaPro. It also contains several links to install sample projects and configurations for you automatically.

Save Projects to Files
Download entire projects to a single file that can be used with SigmaEx or uploaded to another web site.

Time Tracking
Time is tracked per task, user and project using time added to comments and from using the task timer. Start and stop a timer on tasks to automatically track hours for you.

Optionally display project metrics including total Capacity, Availability, Reliability, Total Incidents and more!

Email Monitor
Monitors a POP3 account for new emails and generates tickets based on the information. Automatically detects replies from existing tickets and updates the appropriate ticket.

Complete Change History
Every change to a task is stored for review from the History tab in each task. All changes to all fields including comments are stored with the date, time and the user that made the change.

A new module that displays the items in a specific project. Perfect for information sharing with your clients. Includes the ability to download data to Excel.

File Attachments
Files can be attached to tickets using the Related Files tab on items. All files stored in SigmaPro are visible from the File Manager in the Administration Menu.

Plug-In Support
Install or build your own SigmaPro Plug-Ins.

Easy Reports
Each user can easily create their own custom reports. No programming or SQL experience required.

Help Desk Add-On
A module that simplifies the Help Desk configurations and setup for SigmaPro. This module is very simple and easy to use. Use the core SigmaPro module for administration while using this add-on module for your end-users to interact with.

Knowledge Base
Provide your users with a searchable knowledge base from one of the end user menus or place SigmaPro into the Knowledge Base Only mode to hide all other functions.

SigmaPro DotNetNuke Dash
A Windows Mobile 5.0 application that gives you real-time stats of your projects, ability to post comments to tasks and view current users online.

Total Customization
Everything in SigmaPro is customizable to fit your organization's needs. Add custom fields, priorities, status, category, milestones and more specific to each project.

Windows application for reporting and analyzing data from SigmaPro. Includes the ability to export data between SigmaPro and Microsoft Project, dashboard with gages & charts, view real-time data or work with downloaded SigmaPro Projects.

Project Wizard
Setting up new projects is a breeze with the Project Wizard. Step by step walkthrough gives you full control and details on every aspect of your project.

Recycle Bin
Delete the wrong ticket? No problem, open the Recycle Bin to restore single items or clear it out.

Integrate SigmaPro into your own applications using the SigmaPro Web Service. It's the very same web service used by SigmaEx, DNN Dash and SigmaLive to interact with SigmaPro Projects.

Incident Management
Marking a ticket as an Incident opens new data entry options and marks the item for review in the Incident Management console. Now you can easily track all critical incidents without having to sort through thousands of records.

Team Based with Escalation
SigmaPro has powerful team features that allow you to quickly assemble teams based on DotNetNuke Roles, set team member skills, hourly rates and more! Escalate items by changing the assigned team and view history by clicking on the Escalation Tab.

Additional Key Features in SigmaPro:

  • Include Ticket Links in Email Notifications

  • File Manager

  • Recycling Bin

  • Knowledge Base

  • Software Releases

  • Help Desk Menu

  • Software Menu

  • Administration Menu

  • Project Templates

  • Custom Priorities Values

  • Custom Status Values

  • Project Dashboard

  • Time & Cost Tracking

  • Team Management

  • HTML Ticket Comments

  • Project Phases

  • Disable visibility of fields, menu options and more

  • Assign Custom Forms to the Project or the Ticket level

  • Create custom Categories and relate them in hierarchal tree

  • Automatic Detection of the current DNN User

  • Personalize the Ticket View by adding/removing columns

  • Ticket History Log

  • Project Setup Wizard

  • Control the display of fields and information for Help Desk setups or secured projects.

  • Project Cost, Budget & Savings Tracking

  • Move Tickets between projects or relate them

  • Attach Files to Tickets. Stored in SQL Server.

  • Project and Team Vision Statements

  • Attach Skills and Skill Level to Team Members

  • Set the average cost per hour of Team Members for increased accuracy of Time Cost Management

  • Automatic Capacity Tracking

  • Automatic Availability Processing

  • Automatic Reliability Processing

  • Incident Management

  • Ticket Escalation

  • Custom Reports

  • Custom Fields

  • Custom Forms

  • Email Templates (10 Keywords plus Custom Fields)

  • and more! with many new features being added now!

Take SigmaPro farther with these additional modules from OnyakTech..

  • Email Marketing with campaign management, scheduled batch processing, read tracking, dynamic personalized email content, surveys and more! Module: Axon (
  • Automated Email Alerts and Reporting. Module: Axon (
  • Live Chat with direct integration with SigmaPro allowing you to view all chat history with your customers and the ability to submit chat sessions to SigmaPro for review from sales or support staff. Module: SigmaLive
  • Present custom charts on your web site over real-time data. Module: Kx-Pi
  • Portal Community modules for DNN for web hosting providers who need an automated solution for customer sign-up and portal creation. Module: Portal Sign-Up.
  • Build custom web forms without any technical skills to present and collect data the way you need it. Easily build customized user registration forms, event registration, call logging, contact directory, order processing with PayPal, custom user interfaces for SigmaPro or Portal Sign-Up or even use for data integration from other sites accepting data through HTTP Post, Query Strings or Sessions and save your database. Module: H2O (
  • Get creative and add excitement to your site to present services and products in a way that will have your visitors begging for more. Module: Oseta
  • Get more traffic with link exchanges and onsite referrals. Module: LinkNex and Email-It
  • File Management. Module: Nelson's Files
  • Deliver critical news to your customers' desktops with dynamically generated Gadgets for Windows Vista and Google Sidebar. Module: QPoke
  • Web Site PopUp Ad Management with key features to display ads on specific pages, limited timers per visitor and more! Module: OnyakTech.Ads
  • Dynamic PDF Reporting with custom layouts, charts, password encryption and more. Module: PDF Reports
  • Synchronize your folders in Microsoft Outlook with the core DNN Contacts and Events modules. Modules: Outlook Add-Ins (Events & Contacts).
  • ..and more! Subscribe to the 1 Year Full Access to, you get to use All of the OnyakTech Software! Go to for more details.