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More than just a theme builder
Theme Studio Features
Modify Existing Themes
Style any existing theme by adding Theme Studio to a page on your site with the theme you want to change. Preview your changes as you restyle your theme and save them when you are done to make them live.
Live Preview
Theme Studio Live Editor renders a preview of your changes as you make them giving you the ability to focus on the creativity. Saving you from wasting time using traditional trial and error methods designers are forced to deal with.
Geek and Non-Geek Friendly
Advanced web designers and people that don't know what code looks like will find Theme Studio easy to use.
Team & Client Review
Go above and beyond with your clients and eliminate hidden issues with peer review by inviting them to review and comment on your custom theme changes during the design and build phases of your projects.
Font Library
Includes over 300 of the best web fonts used today by leading web designers. Embedded into your themes using the Google CDN (content delivery network) for the highest performance.
Content Library
Theme Studio saves you time even after you have designed, packaged and installed your theme by providing you with a content library you can use to drag and drop styled HTML layouts to your site site.
Pane Layout Designer
Theme Studio Pane Layout Designer gives you a drag and drop approach to creating custom theme pane layouts. This also reduces the time it takes to create variations of your skins by using the Theme Copy feature of an existing skin you created and then drag, drop and save for massive design time savings.
Theme Packager
Theme Packager bundles your new themes into an installation zip file you can use to install your custom theme onto other web sites.
Theme Installer
Theme Installer bundles and installs your custom themes into the current portal, ready for use on your web site.
Theme Studio Screen Shots