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Fast Image

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What is Fast Image?

Fast Image gives you the ability to add an image slider to your site quickly. It’s lean, simple to use, designed for fast operations while setting up your image slider as well as performance optimized for rendering your images.


Videos and Documentation

Getting Started

After you add Fast Image to a page on your DNN web site, go into Edit mode on that page to setup your images. Once you are in Edit mode on the page you can drag and drop files into Fast Image for instant setup or select from existing images.


Instantly Add Multiple Images

With Fast Image you can drag multiple files from your local computer and instantly add them to Fast Image by dropping them on the main Fast Image display on your web site.

Files are stored to the root of your DNN portal. If a file you are uploading already exists it will be overwritten.

Display Existing Images

Follow the steps below to add or remove images from being displayed:

  1. Go into Edit mode on the page where you have placed Fast Image
  2. Click the “Show/Hide Image Selection” button
  3. Toggle images to be displayed by clicking the image thumbnail. A check under the image thumbnail indicates that image is set to be displayed in Fast Image. To remove it, simply click the thumbnail again and the check will be removed.


Instantly Add All Images for Current Folder

You can add all images in the currently selected folder by clicking the “Add All” link located at the top right of the Image Selection editor.

NOTE: The Add All feature will add all images in the folder that is currently selected on the left. By default, the root folder of your DNN Portal is selected. If you click “Add All” without selecting a folder on the left site of the Image Selection editor, Fast Image will add all images located in the root folder of your DNN Portal.


  • DNN 9.0 or newer
  • .Net 4.5 or newer

Supported on the following versions of DNN
  • DNN 9.X