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Geo Locator

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Geo Locator DotNetNuke Module
OnyakTech Geo Locator allows you to search for people or locations near them by entering a zip code. The search returns User Profiles from Roles you specify that are within a set range of miles/kilometers from the zip code they enter.

For example, if there are 50,000 people registered on your web site and 10 of them are within 100 miles from Akron, Ohio and you enter a search of 44321, then those 10 people around Akron Ohio will appear in the search results. You can also use this as a “Store Locator” by registering each store location as a user on your site, assign them to a role and limit the search results in Geo Locator to the store's role you created. When a search is performed, only users/stores within the roles you specify will be listed in the search results.


  • Compatible with DNN 5.5.0+
  • Search by Miles or Kilometers
  • Fully Customizable Display of Results using HTML allows you to display user profile values, images, and more to match your exact needs!
  • Add MapQuest look-ups to each search result listing
  • Include Custom User Profile Values in Results
  • Limit Search Radius in Miles or Kilometers
  • Search User Profiles in one or more Roles
  • Return results sorted by Miles/Kilometers with the closest users/locations listed first.
  • Includes over 42,000 Geo Codes for the United States
  • Easily Upload large CSV files that contain additional world wide Geo Codes
  • Exposed methods allow you to easily use the Geo Locator engine in your own modules

Potential Module Uses:

  • Social Sites: Use this module to find people near you
  • Business Locations: Use this module to provide your users with an easy way to locate stores near them.
  • DNN 6.0 or newer
  • .Net 3.5 or newer
 Purchase includes older versions of the product that support DNN 4.9 and newer.
Supported on the following versions of DNN
  • DNN 6.x
  • DNN 7.x
  • DNN 8.x
  • DNN 9.X