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The OnyakTech LogIn DotNetNuke Module combines the templated design of the OnyakTech Forms module with FaceBook Connect, Single Sign-On, Cross Portal Authentication, Custom Messages and more. This module is included in the OnyakTech Subscriptions. All current subscribers can download this module now from www.OnyakTech.com

OnyakTech LogIn Features:

  • Email Only Login: Users can now login by entering their email address instead of their user name.
  • SSO Features Expanded: SSO users now have full access to all of the other great features in this module.
  • Cross Portal Authentication: If a user attempts to login that belongs to another portal but not in the current portal then they are automatically registered to the current portal and logged in.
  • SSO: Single Sign-On Support allows people to login to your site from links or passthrough from other systems
  • Display Messages based on Role after Login
  • Redirect users to a specific page based on Roles
  • Facebook: Allow people to login with their Facebook account and automatically register them with information from their facebook profile. Just Once Click LogIn!
  • Templated Design: Easy to edit user interface
  • User Name LogIn: Let people in specific roles login by entering only their user name while forcing people in specified roles to enter a password
  • Quick LogOut: Optionally display a log-out link to authenticated users
Screen Shots

  • DNN 6.0 or newer
  • .Net 3.5 or newer
 Purchase includes older versions of the product that support DNN 4.9 and newer.
Supported on the following versions of DNN
  • DNN 6.x
  • DNN 7.x
  • DNN 8.x
  • DNN 9.X