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User Manager Pro

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User Manager Pro

OnyakTech User Manager Pro gives you all of the key user administration features you wanted and more with extreme speed. Now you can manage your users in a fraction of the time and we didn't stop there. You can also add files and comments providing you with a ready to go CRM solution and integration with other DNN modules.


User Administration

Power Features

Advanced Features

  • Change User Passwords (Admin rights not required)
  • Delete Users
  • Restore Users
  • Authorize Users
  • Unauthorize Users
  • Change User Profiles
  • Add and Remove Roles
  • Force Password Changes
  • Search results are displayed after typing three characters
  • No need to hit "Search", just type "ENTER" on your keyboard or let auto-search find the users for you
  • Search automatically changes the search type based on your search string
  • Search by name, email, role and more
  • User Manager Console provides detailed information. Can be disabled from Module Settings
  • Full source code available with the OnyakTech Source Code Subscriptions
  • Filter and sort your search results
  • Add Comments to user profiles
  • Add Files to user profiles
  • Use Hotcakes Commerce? You'll automatically see a new tab to view the users orders and add reward points
  • DNN 6.0 or newer
  • .Net 3.5 or newer
 Purchase includes older versions of the product that support DNN 4.9 and newer.
Supported on the following versions of DNN
  • DNN 6.x
  • DNN 7.x
  • DNN 8.x
  • DNN 9.X