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SKU: Helios
Helios is a content composition and digital asset management module for DNN that starts with file sharing, content authoring, image gallery, video gallery and then builds from there using a template based design that is perfect for creating custom solutions. Use it to share files, organize projects, build your own knowledge base, image gallery and more.

How We Use Helios
On Helios is used for the Product Downloads, Knowledge Base and Project Document Library.
Content Authoring Media Gallery Document Library
Great for documentation, knowledge base and project details. Show off your portfolio of images and video stored locally or on YouTube. Share files with everyone or secured by Roles.

End User Features
Administration Features
Media Features
  • Media Gallery View
  • File Explorer View
  • Article View
  • Add Comments for folders and files
  • Subscribe to changes
  • Use Tags to find files quickly
  • Uses a SPA design for a lightning fast user interface
  • DNN Journal Integrated
  • Choose from an existing skin or style it to make it your own
  • Upload multiple files at one time to apply tags, security and description once instead of for every files
  • Apply security changes to all files and folders in one step
  • Automatically detects image file types based on the codecs installed on the server
  • Detailed history log of every file and folder
  • Share files with everyone or secured by Roles.
  • Automatic Thumbnail generation 
  • Automatically converts MP4 videos to the OGG and WEBM internet video standards
  • Supports YouTube Videos

Helios Screen Shots

Helios Helios Helios Helios Helios
Helios Helios Helios Helios Helios
Helios Helios Helios