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DNN Subscriptions
Data Viewer 7.1
Omnia Enterprise Forms 6.0
Axon Email Marketing
Comments Pro
SigmaLive Sales Chat
SigmaPro Help Desk
Charts DNN Module
DNN CRM Modules
DNN Host Modules
DNN Survey, Quiz and Pools

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SigmaLive, SigmaPro

Help Desk and Live Chat

A complete customer response solution making it easy for you to offer your customers personal support. Full featured help desk and project manager with SigmaPro. One-on-one Live Chat and Chat Rooms with SigmaLive. Complete customer profiling with Customer Tracker.
Juva, Fast Image, Oseta

3D Web Animations

Cross-browser web animations and 3D navigation DNN Modules add modern style to your DNN web sites. Choose between static loaded images or dynamically loaded from web folders, network paths or your database. Add 3D full screen parallax navigation of your web site with Juva instantly with included presets or style your own.
PDF Reports, Axon and Charts

Reporting and Dashboards

Many of the business products include Dashboards giving you complete visibility of your business. Extend the existing dashboards and provide visibility from your existing data with automated email reporting with Axon, dynamic PDF Reports or create your own dashboards with OnyakTech Charts and Custom Forms.
AppBuilder, Forms, Data Viewer

Forms, Data and Maps

Everything you need to create complete data entry and reporting on the web with optional Google Maps integration. Use AppBuilder to create entire solutions for you without technical skills. For the skilled technical developers you get complete user friendly tools to build data solutions with advanced features.

Email and eDrip Marketing

One easy DNN module handles all of your email processing needs. Send weekly newsletters, scheduled email blasts with attached dynamically generated PDF Reports, personalized email content, auto-responders, reaction emails and eDrip email marketing.
Novus and Axon

News and RSS Solutions

SEO optimzed news content with RSS delivery and feeders. Automatically deliver content to your site and email subscribers from external RSS feeds. Multi-level categories with content searching.
ReZults Dynamics

Survey, Poll and Quiz

Easily create quizzes, voting and surveys for your DNN web site. Completely dynamic, allowing quizzes to be different each time they are taken. You can even dynamically generate a Microsoft Word document with content based on the answers provided to offer your customers with content specific to their needs.
DNN, iOS, Android and Windows

Custom Solutions

Building custom solutions since 2003 for our customers with the highest quality standards, fixed project costs and free support. Contact us for an estimate at Support@OnyakTech.com
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